PlaneRoaming Reach people while on board on their mobile phone number even when there is no mobile network infrastruction on the aircraft.

Providing communication services to their passengers by Airlines and Aircraft Operators has proven to be a cumbersome and lengthy process, which so far has prevented that on board people could access the same portfolio of services they enjoy on the ground.
The capacity of the air to ground pipe is, of course, dictating which services can be offered, but there are still two major remaining obstacles, the large number of involved parties and regulatory aspects.
PlaneBill has as solution where the problem is divided into two domains, the air communication domain and the ground communication domain.
The air communication domain is fully controlled by the airline and uses onboard unlicensed wireless technology for the passengers devices such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, technologies which do not require the involvement of either operators, neither have licensing issues.
With this "femto" wireless coverage, many communication services can be offered, starting from SMS, MMS, e-Mails, VoIP and more, both for outgoing and incoming traffic, enabling them to stay connected during the flight.
The air communication domain and the mobile networks joins at an Airline Communication Proxy (ACP). This ACP can be equipped in a modular way to offer from SMS up to full Voice services and is available for the Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.
The on board server, handles together with the ACP the service control path and the service data path. The ACP in turn, can control an entire fleet of operational aircrafts, flying or at airports.
The benefits of the separation is two fold for the airline. No lengthy discussions are necessary to obtain agreements with third parties (Mobile Operators, Wireless Internet Service Providers), and furthermore the billing process is again split, enabling the airline to define an own pricing strategy and cash directly the services from the passengers according to their own introduction strategy.

The final piece needed by planeroaming is the passenger client, which works on board and on the ground. These clients are available for Windows Mobile and MAC OSX (iPhone), for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. All the hard work is done by the cooperative work between the client and the server applications, and the GUI provides and easy and intuitive interface.

Be in control of your own territory. Please contact us for further details on this PlaneBill innovative solution.

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